Hello! A bit later than I promised but here is the next stage of the branding process...designing and creating a brand board.

So after collating and pinning for days I was finally ready to start the design process. The best thing about spending so long on the research stage is that I could visualise how I wanted the logo to look already, however, sometimes its easier said then done transferring your thoughts onto paper! 

After scribbling over a lot of sheets of A4 (I must have written the word 'printing' at least 500 times) nudging letters this way and that, dithering about fonts that look almost exactly the same anyway...finally the logo was finished! 

So once I was happy with the logo I took all the elements and collated them onto a brand board, The brand board is a great way to view everything in one space, like one big branding tool kit. Its a great tool to have if you ever need to share your branding with someone else, perhaps a web developer or copywriter, or if you just need to remind yourself once in a while about what on earth you're supposed to be doing!!

branding board

I hope this helps if you're going down the same route of reflection and re-branding. Just keep going, it really is worth it in the end! 

Charlotte x

OUR NEW LOOK - setting the mood

Hello! Welcome to our new look, hope you like it!

After a few years of what felt like bodged together branding it felt like it was time for a re-fresh. So I bought a book and got to work, I'd highly recommend 'How to style your brand' by Fiona Humberstone I found it super easy to follow and it just made perfect sense!

I really enjoyed working through the book methodically, answering the questions and learning about us as a business and how we want to be perceived. It was refreshing and exciting, I guess it was already something I knew but it was all covered up by brain fog that had been left behind by the first year of parenthood. Going through this process gave me so much clarity and not only left me excited, but I fell in love all over again with what we do. 

Definitely the most hardest part was describing our brand in 3 words, I really tried to get it down to 3 words but after many searches through the encyclopedia I still couldn't nail it down to 3. So I settled for 4 - artistic, stylish, friendly, quality.

After a lot of note scribbling and spider diagrams I finally got to the fun part of creating the mood board...


I've created a pinterest board here where you can see all the images that inspired the new branding.

Next week, the design process....

Chosen Wedding Collective - The Hub

Back in November last year we were approached by Kiki from Chosen Wedding Collective to collaborate on some artwork for their fabulous wedding industry event - The Hub. 

chosen wedding collective

Photo by Frances Carlisle via Kate Cullen

Kiki was looking for some inspirational hand-lettered quotes on a big scale, so naturally I jumped at the chance to get the paint brushes out and get messy. It made a nice change to work on a big scale, but also slightly nerve wracking knowing you didn't have the apple + z option if something went a bit wrong! The quotes were used to decorate the instagram backdrop wall...

chosen wedding collective

Photo by Frances Carlisle via Kate Cullen

Here are some more photos of the individual pieces...

Get in touch if you would like to collaborate, we're always up for meeting and working with new people!

Charlotte x

Majestic Marsala

As 2015 draws to a close I've used Pantone's colour of 2015 (Marsala) to inspire today's mood board.

To be honest I had begun with pinning maroon and burgundy wedding theme inspiration, I then discovered this colour was called Marsala and was in fact Pantone's colour of 2015! Should have know that really.

Its such a beautiful rich colour, perfect for any Winter or Autumn wedding. It would be nice to see it used for a Spring or Summer wedding too, its especially nice when it's paired with copper and sugary pink.

We can change any of the colours in our collection designs to suit your theme, here I've swapped the black for a rich Marsala from our Copper Confetti range.

All of the images used and much more wedding inspiration can be found on our Pinterest account.


Charlotte x

Welcome to our new updated site!

Hello! Its been an intense few months but we're really happy to be back up and running, you'll notice we've got a bit more professional now, proper info about ordering, a real price list and some snazzy designs for you to choose from.

Just to remind you we're still running our introductory offer of FREE Save the Dates!! Place a full stationery order by Monday 14th December and your Save the Dates will be free!

I've really loved designing the collection and it's so lovely to get such good feedback from clients about the designs. Time to start thinking about what creations to add to the collection next!

Charlotte x

Something Blue

We've been busing away behind the scenes here at The Old Market Printing Co designing our in house collection. The first range is inspired by blue and white porcelain, there's just something so lovely and fresh about the simplicity of white and blue. I lusted after this range for our own wedding...before the budget ran out. 

white and blue wedding

So I got the watercolours out and got painting...

white and blue wedding invitations

For a more contemporary twist we're thinking of adding a metallic copper ink for the names and some small detail. Watch this space...

Charlotte x

How time flies!

This time last year we were down in sunny cornwall getting ready for the best day ever! I think its safe to say it was a time of mixed emotions...definitely the most stressed we've ever been but also the happiest day of our lives. I can't believe this weekend is our first year wedding anniversary, its scary how quick time flies. To celebrate we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane and share the incredible day we had...


The setting for the wedding was Prussia Cove, a beautiful place in cornwall that my family and I  have been visiting for the last 25 years. 

We tried to make as much of the props and products for the wedding ourselves. The Polaroid guest book a great idea, it was an entertaining read the next day! For the wedding favours we designed and screen-printed our own commemorative tea towels, Jonny even managed to make and screen-print a personalised ping pong table.


Thanks to everyone that really did make it the best day ever.